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Açaí is a superfood rich in nutrients that are only good for your health, it is a true natural energy drink from the Amazon.

Common in Pará lands, açaí is already a national passion and in several countries. Considered as a caloric source, rich in antioxidants, carbohydrates, proteins and nutrients with anti-inflammatory power, being exactly the main sources of energy for the body, contributing in a beneficial way to health in several ways.

Whether for those who do not give up before and after physical exercise or just for those who like the taste of fruit, the truth is that it goes beyond being a source of energy, opening up a wide range of benefits to those who consume it.

It is super useful in the practice of physical activity, as it is very energetic, offers great sources of faster absorption fat, in addition to iron. And those antioxidants present in it will also help fight free radicals increased by exercise.

In addition, açaí has vitamin C, vitamin E, omega-9, and is rich in monounsaturated fats, iron and fiber.